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We prefer to use the term Setup over implementation. Getting value out of CypherTax happens quickly, with minimal if any disruption. Ask a CypherTax team member why this shouldn't be considered an implementation.

limited setup

Basic Parameters

Getting started is as straightforward as creating the environment, adding users, and preparing templates.

We align our templates to the data we request during the onboarding process to confirm the connections. From there you're ready to use the system, it's literally that simple.

This isn't a downloadable software that you click on after download, but it's very close. Our ERP agnostic approach means its ready to use without setting up the many connection points required for other enterprise applications.

complete a checklist

Fill In The Blanks

We request a form to be populated with the few answers completing the parameters we need. Once that's received we apply those answers and test them before handing off the system.

We take the sample data requested and set up visualizations and reports based on those examples. Connections between the user interface and database are validated, then compared to our performance benchmarking.

Lastly, we apply a certain level of brand identity to your environment. We like to have our clients feel as if they're in an system that grew within their organization because it's about our clients, not us.


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