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Why Our Tax Solutions Are Industry Leading

Our many years of tax technology integrations has identified multiple shortcomings inherent in the implementation of tax solutions. CypherTax was developed to close those process gaps while providing additional capabilities which were often left to the tax department to resolve using tedious and time-consuming effort.

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Rapid Deployment

The Cypher Group and its partners can get you live quickly, realizing benefits in just a few days, not months. The amount of assistance required can range from as little as training, to as much as a turn-key deployment. Every organization has different requirements, so the Cypher Group doesn't assume your organization requires extensive support. Read more about the various support areas to determine the amount of support required.


Some companies empower their people to get things done, the rest require consulting support. CypherTax understands this and can provide the appropriate amount of consulting to get you to the finish line.


The word Implementation is often met with concerns regarding disruption. CypherTax is non-integrated, so we prefer to call it setup, getting you up and running in days, realizing benefits almost immediately while adding capabilities over time.


CypherTax enables processes that were otherwise unthinkable. Small planning workshops will provide the necessary guidance to set up CypherTax for the various activities to be addressed.


We deploy the environments for our clients and support them in acquiring the necessary data for process optimization. Our process for deployment is meant to limit every possible disruption to our client's day-to-day activities.


Some configuration is required to realize process optimization. During the onboarding process, we work with clients to obtain data for baseline setups we perform. Then we use a train the trainer process to scale.


Our team is always available as a second level evaluation of your data. Our team can assist interpretation of your data when necessary and provide insights that will help with increasing the capabilities based on findings.


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