Product Support

Get up and running quickly with straightforward setup and training tailored to your firm. Our support model empowers users to take ownership of the system and realize benefits almost immediately.


Rapid Deployment

Integrated tax solutions require months, even years, to fully implement. Our users can access and benefit from our system in as little as a few days.

Deploying CypherTax is a straightforward process. Our team creates the environment, assigns initial users, and consults with customers to set up initial data. Then, we train users on their own data, enabling them to see value immediately.


Technology Partner

CypherTax is a tax technology, not a tax consultant. That means, our customers never have to pay for a built-in support package they don’t actually need.

Our training model is designed to equip customers to become self-sufficient. Of course, every organization is different. For those needing more support, our partner consulting firms can help.  

Whether due to capacity limitations or complexity, some users may want help interpreting their data. Though our team has significant audit experience, we prefer CypherTax users rely on their tax advisors to review outcomes.

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