Servicing Tax Professionals
Since 2015

The Cypher Group is a technology firm that specializes in building analytics solutions for complex organizations. Our core team blends senior subject matter experts with leading technology architects to build a tax analytics platform (TAP) that provides timely insight to operations and accounting for sales and use tax assessments.


We Are the Leading Experts in Tax Solutions

CypherTax was established to bring repeatable processes to make tax analysis more objective.

CypherTax was developed to reduce the heavy costs of labor managing audits while helping taxpayers pay the correct taxes.

CypherTax was designed for flexibility knowing that every industry and taxpayer is different.


Our core team has been intact since the beginning, growing our product capabilities throughout.

Transactions Evaluated

CypherTax transaction volume continues to grow annually. Our system efficiently scales to accommodate this growth.


Tired of the Hard and Expensive Way

The significant costs to implement the smallest of details eventually had to end. The Cypher Group decided to build an application that will shift the paradigm and take the pain out of transaction tax management.

We focused on building a solution that can be tailored to fit a client's needs, not to build a solution and try to make the client fit within. With client value being one of our core values, we looked back at the historical costs to satisfy transaction tax management, the shortcomings, the timing, and overall client satisfaction.

From the onset, we made certain that consideration went into every aspect of indirect tax management, and our founding team represented all elements of the necessary team to build this solution.

We feel the result was the goal, a tax solution that can be managed by the tax department, without significant organization support, and the flexibility to accomplish tasks that have been cumbersome in the past, if achievable at all.

Making Tax Technology Work

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