Serving Tax Professionals
Since 2015

CypherTax is a technology firm specializing in analytics solutions for complex organizations. Our team brings together subject matter experts and leading technology architects in a tax analytics platform that provides users with timely sales and use tax insights.


Expert-Driven Innovation

CypherTax leverages years of expert experience toward one ambitious goal—making tax analysis more objective, less expensive, and far more accurate. Our flexible technology supports repeatable processes for tax professionals across industries.


Our core team has been intact since the beginning, growing our product capabilities throughout.

Transactions Evaluated

CypherTax transaction volume grows year after year. Our system scales efficiently to accommodate this growth.


Tired of the Hard and Expensive Way

Our years of corporate tax experience exposed a persistent problem—managing sales and use tax is subjective, tedious, and expensive. For years, tax professionals have been asking for a solution without real change.

 So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We conquer complex regulations and information silos with innovative technology.  

Leaning on software experts, we built something flexible enough to mold to clients’ needs, rather than the other way around. CypherTax brings tax precision within reach.

Let’s Get to Work

Talk to one of our product experts to find out how Cypher Tax can dramatically improve the way you manage transaction tax.