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The level of effort required to get started with CypherTax is minimal when compared to integrated tax systems. Learn how the typical 5 phase methodology is reduced to a gentle handoff when deploying CypherTax.

Getting Started

Arrive and Drive

The onboarding process for using CypherTax couldn't be easier. Once the environment is prepared, we train you and from there you're live.

We request datasets to prepare for training that are practical examples of what will be used in production. Your training is based on actual organizational sub-processes. Even your help menu pages are tailored to be examples of your situations.

But it doesn't end there, we continue to support you with experience BI professionals to help you with preparation of some of the more complicated reports and visualizations.

Our getting started process can be customized to fit your organization also, whether it's virtual or on-premise, its designed to optimize your time.

Partner consulting support

When In The Deep End

Sometimes your external advisors are better positioned to help you scale. The people who know as much about your organization as you do can provide assistance also.

CypherTax is constantly growing our partnership group, some of which may already provide coverage to your organization for various activities. Depending on the capacity of your organization, our consulting partners can step in for ongoing support to assist in addressing some of your critical needs.

Our partners aren't technology enablers, they are state and local tax professionals. They understand not just the technology aspects, but they also hold the level of tax technical experience necessary to support your needs.

Reach out to CypherTax and identify a consultant that is right for you.


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