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A little bit of planning goes a long way. Deploying CypherTax has no impact on upstream and downstream processes. Learn how you don't need a representative from a dozen corporate functions to dedicate resources.


What You Know

Prior to the setup we hold workshops related to discovery. Those workshops help us learn how you intend to use CypherTax so we can put the outer edge of the puzzle together.

The flexibility of CypherTax allows our clients to get started with a certain scope, but scale to increase capability down the road independently. You're never done growing the capabilities because business change over time, and it's a moving target. CypherTax was made to grow and not be rigid and fixed based on a point in time.

moving target

What You Don't Know

Using CypherTax identifies issues you didn't know about during discovery. So in a sense, planning is never complete.

It's helpful to plan ahead when using CypherTax for the unknowns. Fortunately there are few limitations on adding scope after you're live. With that in mind, we stay engaged with clients for a pre-determined time that varies based on the client. We keep that discovery document open, a living document is a better description. We help you through how to plan additional scope that was otherwise excluded from the original planning workshop, and assist where necessary to deploy additional capabilities.

CypherTax team members can help you understand how clients expanded scope over time with case studies, and make you feel comfortable that you won't keep wishing for more like your current tax system.


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