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Custom Analytics

Our framework can accommodate things we haven't considered, thus the emphasis on flexibility. Don't hesitate to contact our team to discuss customized analytics that may help you achieve certain benefits.


What if Needs Change Over Time?

Our flexibility allows CypherTax custom analytics capabilities to change with your business. We knew starting off that things needs to constantly evolve and stay fresh. With that in mind, we planned for examples of corporate changes and how to efficiently add those changes to existing clients setups.

CypherTax team members are standing by to learn what types of custom analytics you may require. We want to be sure our system is ready to incorporate all the capabilities you require.


Can I Add Custom Analytics?

Absolutely, and easier than you'd think. The key is always being able to access the data you want to interpret. If you can get it, we can visualize it.

Tax professionals are often slow to adopt some of the analytics capabilities that exist. The emphasis has always been on spreadsheets, and that's sometimes difficult to overcome. But over time, users can gradually add analytics capabilities as they become more interested in the power of data visualization.

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