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Reverse Audit

Perform reverse audit analysis that increases efficiency and accuracy, while producing flexible outputs that can be used later to monitor progress preventing future errors. CypherTax was designed to produce the highest quality outputs for reverse audit claim preparation.

No More Samples

A Complete Picture

Samples are now a thing of the past. Why not evaluate every transaction.

Getting your refunds approved becomes significantly easier when your claim is no longer based on a random sample. Imagine sending the tax authority a listing that can show every dime, nickel, or penny. CypherTax was built with the ability to dial up or down the amount of data consumed.

CypherTax removes the ambiguity and presents high quality findings that are difficult to challenge.

Days, not months

Rapid Analysis

Know your likely refund amount in less time than a typical feasibility analysis.

In the amount of time often spent looking for areas that require a deeper dive you can instead push through an entire transaction listing for the refund period.

Let a member from our CypherTax team help you learn more about making reverse audits a simplified procedure that saves you more by reducing recovery costs.

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