streamline audits

Audit Management

Effectively manage audits using simplified reports that can be applied to entire audit cycles, and do so before the auditor even arrives. Know your exposure position and use it to your benefit when planning for the audit.

improved visibility and access

Advanced Analysis

"Let's see what the auditor comes back with" are soon to be forgotten words. Instead it will be "show them the results of our 100% transaction analysis" and stand your ground.

Audits can be a very time-consuming activity, and often end in a negotiation that both parties feel is a fair ending. The technology to perform that audit more efficiently, and accurately has existed for several years, but people prefer to do things the hard way. At CypherTax we believe in working smart, not hard. Having access to useable data to streamline an audit can shift resources back toward mission critical activities. Knowing the result of an audit before it begins lets the organization plan capacity while improving outcomes.

uncontestable analysis

No More Samples

The taxing authority may ask for samples, but you will already have advanced insight into your position. When they propose an assessment you can produce your 100% sample result to challenge.

Samples are risky and don't provide an accurate assessment of the situation. If one side wins, the other often loses, but it doesn't have to be that way. Once CypherTax is set up and monitoring your data, you have complete insight into the organization's data. The details available can be either direct ERP procurement data, journal entries developed using CypherTax for other complex situations, or even data normalization when a post merger acquisition process hasn't been completed and multiple systems are managing data.

CypherTax isn't bound to the rigidity of ERP systems, allowing users to get the data that best suits their tax needs, and without waiting in line at the IT desk for assistance. Contact one of the CypherTax team members to learn more about how we can improve your audit process.

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