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Sometimes you need to ask someone "what am I looking at?" CypherTax has BI experts available to assist in understanding visualization outputs.

what does this mean

Interpreting Visuals

We have publish thousands of BI visualizations since we launched our first version of CypherTax. While each client has their own unique sets of circumstances, the outputs often tell the same stories.

CypherTax BI experts are available to discuss visuals to help understand what outputs may depict. Our blend of subject matter and BI experience can help you when you're stuck, and get you to an understanding. Some of the outputs are unexpected, and sometimes unbelievable.

General support

Making Visuals Work

Our visualization customizations can function in some ways the same as a spreadsheet. We chose that type of visualization component because of the familiarity with the anticipated users.

Sometimes however, a report won't work the way it was intended. For that, we can help. We'll review our library of visualizations to find similar visuals or methods that can be deployed.


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